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Julia Middleton at TEDxEastEnd

Julia Middleton talks Cultural Intelligence at TEDxEastEnd

Common Purpose Charitable Trust CEO, Julia Middleton recently spoke at TEDxEastEnd on the subject of Cultural Intelligence. The theme of the event was 'Society Beyond Borders'.
Cultural Intelligence Julia Middleton Children

11 ways to raise children with Cultural Intelligence

Julia Middleton offers 11 tips for raising children to be culturally intelligent in the future.
7 Questions all leaders must ask themselves

7 Questions all leaders must ask themselves

One key role of a leader is to see what is coming down the road: to scan the horizon, to spot the moments to speed up or slow down, to see the bigger picture as the jigsaw gets put together piece by piece. A great way to test yourself is by looking at your own diary and asking yourself these 7 questions.
magnet cities dubai

Magnet Cities

Julia Middleton explains the importance of Magnet Cities (a city where over 100 nationalities will convene to study) and how Common Purpose's work with students will unlock these cities' unrealised potential.
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7 questions to ask in an interview

Julia Middleton offers 7 questions to ask in an interview that will help you to assess a candidate's Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
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White and middle class: who am I to speak?

Julia Middleton talks about perceived privilege and asks - who really is qualified to talk about Cultural Intelligence?
Julia Middleton

A time for reflection

Julia Middleton reflects on our new website and how Common Purpose has grown over the years.