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Itijah: sustaining the legacy of sporting events

The very first Olympic Gamesheld in ancient Greece were not just mere sporting events. Even then - they had enormous social, cultural and economic significance.

It is hardly surprising then that the success of modern sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup or the modern Olympic Games is not just judged by the quality of the sport in the stadium, but by the economic and social legacy left behind.

With the recent ...

Common Purpose India participants take an ‘empathy walk’

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." Jonathan Swift

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were visually impaired?

Participants on a Meridian course in India visited Mitra Jyothi to experience some of the challenges visually impaired people have to overcome, and to learn more about the work they do integrating persons with disabilities into mainstream society.

CSCLeaders 2014: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh & HRH The Princess Royal

It was a touching moment at CSCLeaders this year as HRH Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip spoke about the pride he felt at passing on the leadership of CSCLeaders to his daughter, HRH Princess Royal, Princess Anne.

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CSCLeaders started life as HRH Duke of Edinburg ...

Common Purpose win award for work with graduates

Common Purpose together with Gradcore and Gradconsult has recently won the 2014 AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters) supplier to business award.

This award recognises supplier excellence in establishing highly effective partnerships with their clients, to help develop graduates.

Common Purpose's part has been to deliver a 'business intensive' to get successful graduates ready for their internship.

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3 tips to become a better leader

Each year over 43 million people enter the workplace and graduate from universities around the world - beginning the journey of establishing their career.

What are the top three tips that you would give them to become a better leader?

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From Africa to Glasgow: 33Fifty and the Queen's Baton Relay

The Queen's Baton Relay just finished its tour of Africa. And by the time it has reached the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, it will have travelled 190,000 km, visiting 70 nations and territories across 6 continents.

And travelling alongside the Baton is the 33Fifty Baton Book - a chance for 70 young people from across the Commonwealth to express their passions - to share their message with the 33Fifty participants, and the world.

Many of the ...

CSCLeaders for Students: Boston students broaden their horizons

A fantastic leadership development programme ran in Boston at Harvard University in mid-January and prompted some interesting new ideas on volunteering, charities and migrants.

CSCLeaders for Students is a four day leadership development programme held in major cities - where significant numbers of students from across the Commonwealth study.

CSCLeaders for Students at Harvard brought participants from 12 ...

CSCLeaders 2014: Are you ready?

What do a Government Permanent Secretary from Zambia, a senior business entrepreneur from Australia, and a Canadian trade unionist all have in common?

They're all taking part in this year's CSCLeaders, of course!

Starting in London on 23 March and finishing in the historic Balliol College in Oxford on 29 March, 100 leaders from all around the Commonwealth will come together in a melting pot of different cultures, customs and ideas ...

A time for reflection

Many years ago, Charles Handy - who has been a wonderful mentor to me over the years - told me that if you lead a growing organisation, you usually have an image in your head of it being about two thirds of the size it really is.

However big your ideas and plans, your head is always just a bit behind.

I have been reminded of this as I have worked with my colleagues to refresh the Common web site over the last few weeks.


Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the new, and ever more exciting Common Purpose blog. Over the coming months we will be sharing with you some of the fantastic programmes that we are running around the world, and updates on Julia's new book, Cultural Intelligence which is out on 22 May 2014.

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