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Julia Middleton at TEDxEastEnd

Julia Middleton talks Cultural Intelligence at TEDxEastEnd

Common Purpose Charitable Trust CEO, Julia Middleton recently spoke at TEDxEastEnd on the subject of Cultural Intelligence. The theme of the event was 'Society Beyond Borders'.
CSCLeaders participants in Delhi

Smart cities have smart organised people at the centre

Neil Jameson, Executive Director of Citizens UK gives his thoughts on this year's CSCLeaders challenge: 'What makes a city smart?'
Man looking at water filtration system

Arup Director on smart cities: it starts with citizens

Volker Buscher, Director, Arup gives his thoughts on this year's CSCLeaders challenge: 'What makes a city smart?'
Jonathan Andrews

Cultural Intelligence and autism: my perspective

Jonathan Andrews talks about the challenge of developing Cultural Intelligence with autism.
Dr Robert F. Care

Why I became Chair of Common Purpose Charitable Trust

Robert Care, Arup Principal, ACT and Strategic Georgraphies Leader, Australiasia, Arup explains why he became Chair of Common Purpose Charitable Trust
Model and switchboard at Delhi Metro

Should a Smart City also be a Human City?

So why, as cities grow and become more technologically sophisticated, is important to keep the human element alive in our cities? Common Purpose graduate, Vishal Talreja, is the Co-founder & CEO of Dream A Dream talked to us about how Smart Cities need to be Human Cities.

Common Purpose partners with the Fulbright Commission

Common Purpose is partnering with the Fulbright Commission in order to offer Fulbright Scholars the opportunity to develop their Cultural Intelligence.
Cultural Intelligence Julia Middleton Children

11 ways to raise children with Cultural Intelligence

Julia Middleton offers 11 tips for raising children to be culturally intelligent in the future.
Dominic Akandwanaho Harvard

Harvard student describes the impact our programmes have

2014 alumni Dominic Akandwanaho attended one of the top schools in Uganda and is now a neurobiology major at Harvard University with a passion to impact change in global public health. We caught up with Dominic to find out what he took away from the previous Global Leader Experience in Boston.

How can 'Smart Cities' address homelessness?

What do cities need to consider if they are to address an issue as complex as homelessness? Does technology hold the answer? Or do leaders need to work together to gain a greater understanding of the problem? We spoke with Arvinda Gohil, CSCLeaders alumna and CEO of Emmaus, a UK charity which supports people who have been homeless.