After completing a Common Purpose course, participants become alumni.

It means they join over 40,000 people who have taken part in a Common Purpose course, anywhere in the world. They are a network of exceptional leaders, with a huge range of skills, interests and leadership experiences. Some will be just finishing university, others will be emerging leaders, some will be very senior, experiences leaders across the public, private and NGO sectors.

The place where they all come together is the Common Purpose 360 website. It enables alumni to find eachother, meet and exchange ideas, both locally and on an international scale. It offers inspiration, skills and connections for people who are interested in leadership development and social change.

Our main role in supporting Common Purpose alumni is to make sure they can find and contact eachother, so that they can together bring their ideas to life and continue to broaden their horizons. Our alumni's main continuing support to Common Purpose is as contributors - speakers, mentors, hosts - and this is crucial to our continuing work.

Julia Middleton, Founder and Chief Executive, Common Purpose Charitable Trust

The Alumni Advisory Group acts as a sounding board for Common Purpose on ideas and strategies for the alumni offering - both on and off line - ensuring that the offering is relevant to alumni across the world and that the Common Purpose brand is used appropriately.

John Bowen, Director, John Bowen Ltd., Chair, Common Purpose Alumni Advisory Group

common purpose alumni

common purpose alumni outside parliament


What do our alumni say?

To celebrate our 21st year, we put together a collection of leadership blogs and testimonial videos created by our alumni across the world. From the UK to Ireland, South Africa to Hungary, each is a snapshot into the impact of our courses and the insights on leadership they, and the people involved with them, provide.

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Have you contributed on a course or programme since you completed yours?

Whether you give your time as a speaker, panellist or visit host, the benefits are considerable. It's a chance to recapture the atmosphere and excitement of Common Purpose, continue your leadership learning, expand your network, gain invaluable consultancy and showcase your work or organisation.

Steven Valk, who works in the theatre industry in Germany, did just that.

He says: "Taking part in Common Purpose events has changed my awareness of other people. It has shown me that it is possible to link civic cultures which are usually disconnected from each other and that there are people everywhere, in all areas, who are curious and interested and who want to connect and work together. It has also shown me that these connections can lead to a new and deeper understanding of how society works. It has been inspiring to witness this process as a speaker and host at Common Purpose events."

This inspiration, along with the chance to meet a cross section of Frankfurt's leaders, led Steven and Common Purpose graduate Christine Heinrichs from the city's social services to set up RICE, a strategic consultancy that links up creative organisations, from advertising agencies to opera companies with social service organisations. RICE uses its cultural connections and networks to devise formats where social service clients can develop their skills, participate and collaborate in a meaningful way with Frankfurt's creative and cultural organisations.

steven valk

Steven Valk

As Steven says: "RICE is helping to create a forum for Frankfurt's social services to go beyond their institutional boundaries and to take a leading role in transforming the city and its cultural community in inspiring and innovative ways."

Why not contact your local Common Purpose office and find out how you can get involved?

Please note: course and programme contributors are not all Common Purpose alumni.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures.

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