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High-calibre UK and Indian business leaders to tackle the 'skills gap' challenge


With employers often frustrated that they cannot find suitably skilled new talent despite the millions of unemployed in search of jobs, how do we ensure appropriate skills development to bridge this apparent gap between education and employability?

This is the challenge that participants on the Dishaa Venture, run by leadership development organisation Common Purpose, will be tackling ...

Ventures Update July 2012

Common Purpose Ventures connect future leaders, across the world, to tackle challenges which are common and compelling, big (enough to be worth the effort) and small (enough to be grasped). Ventures encourage participants to work in new directions to develop innovative approaches to new (and old) problems - this is why the names of all our Ventures mean "direction".

Dao Xiang

In the first week of July London played host to the inaugural Tagged: , , , , , , , , | Leave comment

High-calibre business leaders to develop innovative models to accelerate carbon cutting and present to policy experts

If no action is taken to reduce emissions, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could reach double its pre-industrial level as early as 2035 [1]. Addressing this issue requires both developed and newly industrialised countries to work innovatively together.

Unique carbon cutting ...

UK-India relations energised by future leaders

In 2010 90,000 people were employed in the UK by Indian firms, with many more involved in the activities of British firms in India [1]. Indeed, over 1 million people travel between the UK and India every year Tagged: , , , , | Leave comment

Second Dishaa Venture tackles carbon cutting

The second Dishaa Venture took place at the beginning of December 2011, bringing together emerging leaders from the UK and India who gathered in London to tackle the challenge:

"Unique carbon cutting measures are happening locally in India and the UK. How do we accelerate and multiply our actions to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in the next five years".

Initially daunted by the pro ...

1st Dishaa Venture: final report released

The final report from the first Common Purpose Dishaa Venture, "Heart Surgery for $1,000", has been published.

In it the participants, 20 from the UK and 20 from India, set out their findings, models and recommendations for tackling the challenge of lowering the costs of heart surgery to just $1,000. The group gathered in Pune, India in February 2011 and have been working on their models since.

Read the final report f ...

Next Dishaa challenge announced

The challenge for the next group of Dishaa Venture participants has been announced:

"Unique carbon cutting measures are happening locally in India and the UK. How do we accelerate and multiply our actions to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in the next five years?"


Get a fascinating insight into the Dishaa innovation process

A great post which provides a fascinating insight into the innovation process the participants went through on our recent Dishaa course has been posted by Yann Cramer on the InnovToday blog.

His blog features "weekly stories and insights from planet innovation".

Take a look at ...

Dishaa participants tackle healthcare reform challenge

The first Common Purpose Dishaa event has been taking place in Pune, India this week with 40 participants from the UK and India. This year, the group has been set the challenge of figuring out what healthcare reforms would make heart surgery possible for only $1,000 USD. Over the course of the last few days participants have been sharing their thoughts, insights and experiences as they tackle the challenge in a variety of ways.

To hear from the participants themselves, have ...

40 participants taking part in Dishaa are announced

The forty successful applicants for the Dishaa leadership initiative - first launched by British Prime Minister, David Cameron - were announced today.

From 30 January to 3 February 2011, the 40 talents from the private, public and not-for-profit sector in the UK and India will participate in the UK-India leadership development initiative, which will enhance bilateral relations between the two countries. Participants in the first Dishaa initiative will develop models for inn ...