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Common Purpose UK CEO Adirupa Sengupta reflects on 2012

This is the end of my first year as CEO of Common Purpose in the UK. It has been a long year!

Keeping focused as the UK has struggled, delivering our courses which seem ever more relevant as we continue our efforts to connect leaders locally and nationally across UK cities and taking advantage of the growth of Common Purpose internationally to forge new links for the UK around the world.

It's incredibly exciting that in my first year as CEO of the UK, we suc ...

Ventures Update July 2012

Common Purpose Ventures connect future leaders, across the world, to tackle challenges which are common and compelling, big (enough to be worth the effort) and small (enough to be grasped). Ventures encourage participants to work in new directions to develop innovative approaches to new (and old) problems - this is why the names of all our Ventures mean "direction".

Dao Xiang

In the first week of July London played host to the inaugural Tagged: , , , , , , , , | Leave comment