Sarah Santa Maria

How did her Common Purpose experience help the CEO of a charity in Bangalore to boost her bottom line?

Sarah Santa Maria

Sarah Santa Maria has not looked back since she went on a Common Purpose course. She says: "It has given me real confidence, and now I am looking to the future and what else I can do."

Sarah's new found confidence and knowledge have had a direct benefit, as she explained: "With regard to marketing it has been a huge benefit. Our profits from sales have gone up and they should continue to do so into the future."

The Diya Foundation is a charity based in Bangalore that works with mentally challenged adults and equips them with the skills to make a range of products, such as chocolates, candles and paper products, which can be sold to raise money. This gives fresh hope and self pride to the people taking part, offers respite for their families and raises the finance needed to support and grow the work of the foundation.

Sarah said that the course had broadened her vision to such an extent that she was now considering ways in which she could expand the work of the foundation:

"Common Purpose has really opened things up for me. Before, I did not have the confidence to talk to anyone, apart from my family, about the Diya Foundation. But on the course I met people from the corporate world and realised that I did have something to say.

"It made me realise that I was hiding myself - I now know there is no need to be shy. The contacts I made from the corporate world are helping me at the moment, and will continue to do so in the future. Now I am thinking about what we can do next. I feel that if I can empower other people to become leaders, then that is great."

It comes as no surprise to discover that she has been actively recommending Common Purpose to other colleagues and says that she is looking forward to seeing the outcomes for one of her employees, who is currently taking part.

She said:"I have grown tremendously as an individual. I met so many different people that it gave me a much better perspective of others. It is one of the best things I have ever done."