Kuben Naidoo

What sort of unusal places might you visit on a Common Purpose course, and how can that can challenge the way you see the world?

Kuben Naidoo

During his Common Purpose course, Kuben says that he was given the chance go to places that greatly broadened his perspective:

"We went to visit a recycling plant in Soweto, a police emergency call centre, a prison and a stock exchange where we got to see how markets work.

During my time on the course I learned about the Starfish Foundation which runs aids hospices in South Africa. I was very interested in what they were doing and I subsequently decided to help by attending their strategic planning meetings, helping them to become more efficient."

So the broader perspective that Kuben got from his course not only changed the way he thought about his own job, but also encouraged him to think about what could be done on a local level.