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Young Million is in the news

12 October 2011

Our Young Million campaign, to provide leadership development opportunities to young unemployed people in the UK, was featured on the BBC News on 12 October in relation to the latest UK unemployment figures which were released that morning.

A participant on our workshop in Teesside was interviewed, and this was broadcast on BBC Breakfast - you can watch the video on the BBC website. Our campaign also features on the news at 1pm, 6pm and 10pm.

BBC Chief Economics Correspondent Hugh Pym also visited our workshop in Teesside - you can read his subsequent article on the BBC website.

There are many initiatives that exist to help young unemployed people find work, but few that offer them the develepment opportunities they would have received were they in work. We are delighted that this important issue, and our campaign to help it, has received the coverage it deserves.

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