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More with less: the challenge for Dishaa leaders

03 November 2010

Following the UK's comprehensive spending review last week, this is a crucial time for the country to consider how it can do more with less.

For example, the NHS can simply no longer afford itself. Old models, old mindsets and old systems simply can't continue to operate efficiently, with significantly less resource. The UK would be wise to look at the efficient and economic services India has developed in recent years as a way of bridging the gap between supply and demand for health.

India, having pioneered frugal and efficient services, must now look to eradicating health poverty, developing their public services to provide healthcare, sanitation and waste management in urban centres, and clean water across the country.

For old models to be ditched, and new ones introduced, both countries will require curiosity, innovation, social enterprise and skill development for their leaders. Above all else, they will need collaboration between sectors. New models of delivery will need to include all sectors, working together and operating in the same civic space to make change happen. The solutions don't lie in the public sector, or the private sector, but somewhere in the middle. The delivery of public health services can no longer sit entirely with the public sector.

So we have a new challenge set for the Dishaa initiative - which extends far beyond healthcare. It asks: how can the public and private sectors work efficiently and effectively together? What leadership will be required to make this happen?

- This blog from Adirupa Sengupta, Common Purpose's International Director, appeared on the Common Purpose blog at Common Purpose is working in partnership with the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office to deliver Dishaa: for future leaders in the UK and India.

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